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Since a boy in 1960s, the author has practiced Chinese martial arts and Qigong. Many teachers kindly gave instructions and advises. Daily practice notes were compiled into books. There are listed key points that a beginner or advance practitioner need to pay attention to. Theory and practice tips are also included. Please check them out at Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble for both paperbacks and e books.

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@kungfupracticeb Oct 12, 07:34

E book version of Tai Ji Quan: theory and practice https://t.co/kql30tMj7B

@kungfupracticeb Oct 12, 07:31

Updated e book version of the treasure book volume I https://t.co/OEuCOaPGzC

@kungfupracticeb Apr 12, 22:16

Ba Gua Sixty Four Palm Methods - Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ https://t.co/55IEhyeorM. https://t.co/wuQSAXEo2y

@kungfupracticeb Sep 13, 18:45

You are out door and practice. You forget some postures. No problem. Quick reference in your smartphone and tablet. http://t.co/I5hvXbDFpz

@kungfupracticeb Sep 13, 18:44

Five animal play qi gong. How to do with pictures. It is an easy reference using your smartphone and tablet. http://t.co/XpecnW6TK0

@kungfupracticeb Jan 26, 03:05

check out new book on #qigong Yi Jin Jing http://t.co/sNLIOSRV

@kungfupracticeb Jan 23, 18:39

new kindle book on Ba Ji fist #wushu #kungfu #martialarts http://t.co/xuBMdtO5

@kungfupracticeb Jan 23, 18:36

new Kindle book Yang Tai 8 Postures. step by step detailed instructions. #taiji #taichi #wushu #kungfu #martialarts http://t.co/v865k5lZ

@kungfupracticeb Jan 23, 18:26

Check out new Kindle book on Tai Ji Sword 24 Postures. #taiji #taichi #wushu #kungfu #martialarts http://t.co/CF37stRK

@kungfupracticeb Aug 08, 05:41

Quick throw 12 methods available at Barnes&noble. #kungfu #wushu #grappling #martialarts http://t.co/XtLe0xlA

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